OSMOSIS: a process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge etc.

Although my work is often placed with the abstract expressionists and I enjoy much of the work, I feel a great affinity with the ink drawers and calligraphers of centuries ago. For me, an eye on history ensures a dialogue can continue with the universal truths involved with where we come from and where we go. My overall body of work includes painting and drawing, sculpture, photography, video and sound installation work. All the artwork is designed to slow the mind and encourage internal reflection to tap into the viewer’s own unconscious perceptions and associations. Our ability to instinctually respond without necessarily being able to consciously explain is the aspect that intrigues me the most.

Everything goes in. All our experiences are then filtered through our own perceptions, associations and internal belief systems. We make meaning from these filtered perceptions. The OSMOSIS series utilises these elements, along with history, philosophy and the beauty within the Nature of things, as an elemental part of the filtering process. Figures, landscape and portraits are there for all to see. Perhaps the best way to enjoy these works is to do as Goethe suggests when he said “A work of art is like a Monarch, you have to stand before it and wait until it speaks to you”. Ultimately, the aim is to encourage viewers to experience – think less, feel more and enjoy their differing perspectives.