The Artist

Steve is essentially a process painter who merges traditional philosophies with experimental media and re-presents them through painting processes. Gaining a PhD (exploring the pain-altered mind-body connection); Masters of Fine Art (MFA) by Research; and BFA with Honours, combined with training in sport, pain recovery and experience with Zen have led to over 30 individual exhibitions and numerous group-shows over twenty-five years.

Consequently, his work can be found in public and private collections throughout Asia, Europe, the USA, New Zealand and Australia.

The Art

Although his work is ongoing through a range of parameters, they are often grouped into series. By re-presenting a niche idea into the language of paint he effectively creates a contemporary take on ancient traditions, often merging the digital and the analogue worlds, re-presented into the world of material making.  Disparate research is conflated from Zen-warrior martial arts; neurological mind-mapping and psychological brain-training methods, which combine with a great interest in conscious and unconscious processing. These become key elements re-presented as a painting methodology that reinvigorate the weighted, historical concerns of calligraphy.

Like coloured Rorschach tests, these works open the experience of viewing and interpreting for the viewer’s own associations. The aim is to involve your unconscious emotive responses without thinking about it consciously.  Look, feel and enjoy.


Gunpowder Painting Art of War

2018 – 24pp + cover,
Exhibition catalogue for the WWI 100 year Armistice anniversary exhibitions


2014 – 28pp + cover BMGArt


2012 – 32pp + cover, Exhibition Catalogue Despard Gallery

Northern Light Southern Shadows

2009 – 28pp+cover, Exhibition Catalogue Galleri Overkikaren, Stockholm

Dying from Birth

2007 – 32pp+cover, Maitland, Manning and Moree Regional Exhibitions

Dying from Birth

2005 – 26pp+cover, Shanghai Art Fair

Photographs of God

2004 – 100pp+cover, Exhibition catalogue for four simultaneous exhibitions in Japan

In the Shadows of Power

2001 – NSW Parliament Exhibition Catalogue

In the Shadows

2000 – Gosford Regional Gallery (inaugural exhibition)