Reality on a Finer Scale

Steve Woodbury Artist:

Merging traditional philosophies with experimental media and re-presenting them through painting processes. This is Modern Calligraphy in its most pure form.

Selected Projects

Like coloured Rorschach tests, these works open the experience of viewing and interpreting for the viewer’s own associations. The aim is to involve your unconscious emotive responses without thinking about it consciously.

Look, feel and enjoy.


What Fires Together, Wires Together

A Painterly Exploration of the Pain-Altered Mind-Body Connection

The Continuing Ellipse

Material Re-incarnations and Calligraphic Incantations

Art of War

QWERTY information transfer re-contextualising classic text (Sun Tzu’s Art of War) in ancient material.


Re-interpreting and re-presenting both the ancient gestural and information transfer traditions through the QWERTY line.