Steve Woodbury: THE BIG BANG (Chapter 1 – Art of War)

I create contemporary calligraphy by blending ancient calligraphic methodology (from over 1700 years) with contemporary materiality and content. My work is created from the structural underpinnings of calligraphy, rather than simply a style to be copied or imitated.

This fusion of the ancient analogue and contemporary digital world becomes a unique extension of the calligraphic lineages of information transfer and gesture, which questions the nature of memory, language and perception.

• The QWERTY line is derived from the gesture a finger makes whilst creating words on a keyboard, which consequently becomes a contemporary information transfer. In this case, the line (and the golden glow) is derived from passages from Sun Tzu’s ancient text, The Art of War.

• The juxtaposition of the ancient material of gunpowder fused into contemporary substrates becomes the ultimate Zen moment, where unseen universal forces remove the added material to leave a trace of that embodied gesture – I create the destruction that creates the creation.