Steve Woodbury

These artworks merge traditional philosophies and experimental media to reinvigorate the weighted, historical concerns of calligraphy, language and the nature of perception and meaning within a contemporary painting practice. With over 27 individual exhibitions and numerous group shows over twenty years, work can consequently be found in public and private collections throughout Asia, Europe, the USA, New Zealand and Australia.

Gaining a BFA with Honours and a Masters of Fine Art (MFA) by Research, combined with training in sport, pain recovery and experience with Zen to allow a trajectory of intense interest in conscious and unconscious processing. Life and death, growth and renewal, Ancient and Contemporary, digital and analogue create a tension as these linguistic explorations are captured through the open, abstracted, gestural mark. Conflating disparate subjects from landscape, history philosophy and my own poetry, creates open liminal objects that are designed to slow the mind in a world of increasing overload.

Like coloured Rorschach tests, these works open the experience of viewing and interpreting for the viewer’s own associations. The aim is to involve your unconscious emotive responses without thinking about it consciously.  Look, feel and enjoy.

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